TORO mini synthesizer: so simple to use and with such an amount of power you will be sounding like a pro in virtually no time. The 4-octave keyboard is one of the most innovative keyboards around making the synth truly playable. Record your masterpieces, export them through your computer web browser and include them to your DAW projects.

Each instrument patch can be radically manipulated by the eight knobs controllers. For rhythmic instruments for example, the pattern of the rhythm can be altered. For other instruments filters, the LFO and the oscillator waves can be adjusted in real time.

The sound of TORO mini is a unique mix of sweet blips distorted by the power of LFO’s and filters. A way to describe it is to start with the sounds of an old home computer like the Commodore 64 or the 8-bit Nintendo console processed through something like Propellerhead’s Scream unit.

TORO mini synthesizer

© 2010 TORO mini synthesizer is property of Instant Binary AB, Sweden.



- Over 90 adjustable instruments patches including electric pianos, 80’s synths, game music instruments, heavy industrial synths and loads of sound effects

- 5 oscillator waves

- 5 voices polyphony

- Low- and hi-pass filters

- LFO and Mod parameters

- Real-time parameter adjustment making it a joy to bend filters, the LFO and other values

- One of the most innovative 4-octave keyboards around: resizable, scrollable, slideable and with the Sticky Keys feature

- Recording Console: Record to wav, listen to recordings and export the files through computer web browser

- Built-in user manual

- Exchangeable skins


Wallpapers 1440 x 900

Sound recordings (straight from the device with no further editing)



More fun to compile